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How does our Affiliate Marketing Program work?

affiliate marketing Mommy Jobs Online affiliate program works by the affiliate referring jobseekers to our work-at-home job bank portal to sign up for our lifetime membership to browse, apply and get hired by companies working from the comfort of their own home.     JOIN NOW! 

How much do affiliates earn?

*The affiliate referral fee that Mommy Jobs Online pays you is $7.00 to $10.00 per referral sign up that joins our website https://www.mommyjobsonline.com. *The affiliate is paid only when an actual sale is generated by your assigned affiliate user link or affiliate referral user id code.

Affiliate User Code and Links

* We track all incoming referrals and payments made by your assigned affiliate user link or code.  Whenever you use your affiliate link or user ID code it’s, 100% important when you are referring someone to join Mommy Jobs Online in order to receive payment to your account.  ———————————————- *Please make sure you let your referrals know that they need to reference your affiliate user ID code when they sign up for Mommy Jobs Online remote job board services on their registration form. This is how we track all affiliate referral sales and how we make sure you receive payment credited to your account in a timely manner.

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Simply share your positive experience with others on your own website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, friends, organizations and the press. Your enrollment will automatically create a special link to our website.

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