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Virtual HR Personal Assistant (450 job ads/day)

Virtual HR Personal Assistant (450 job ads/day)

Virtual HR Personal Assistant (450 job ads/day)
Mommy Jobs Online
July 1, 2020
Job Type
Job ID
Administrative / Business
Internet, computer, office skills
Pay Type
$15.00 per recruit + commissions; avg. salary: $500.00 per week
Education Requirements
Not Specified
Work Hours
Full-time, Flexible
Street Address


Mommy Jobs Online is now seeking professional HR Personnel Assistants to perform daily clerical tasks online.


  • Make outbound calls to jobseekers about joining our remote work-at-home job board to find employment.
  • Post classified job ads daily of 450 ads per day.
  • Be highly proficient with copying and pasting data from various web formats.
  • You need to be able to use our 3rd party mail client to send a minimum of 300 emails out per day of our email marketing campaigns that we offer customers.
  • Proficiency on how to use Microsoft Excel or spreadsheet documents and create a log sheet for data.
  • Test out and approve working URL links on various job data information.
  • Make a weekly collection of new and approved remote job positions to submit for pre-screening and review by our HR Dept.
  • Be highly proficient utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the like.
  • Post job ads daily to social media sites.
  • Send our various email marketing campaigns and capture data and convert the information into a spreadsheet.
  • Proofread and edit job ads, documents, letters, emails and much more!
  • Micro-manage a small team of EMS agents: recruit, train, and answer direct questions.
  • Pre-screen new remote job opportunities.


$15.00 per recruited agent + commissions. The average salary earned is $500.00 per week.


  • Ability to work 40 hrs. + per week as needed, Monday - Friday with the flexibility to work on some Saturdays. We are closed on Sunday typically; however, you have the ability to make-up any work missed.
  • Your start time will be no later than 9:00 AM daily until you able to finish your daily tasks assigned. You can always work a split shift if you have appointments, errands, or even school functions.


For immediate consideration, please visit https://mommyjobsonline.com. You will need to click on internal jobs and select the HR Personnel Assistant remote job position to complete our contractor job registration application.

Please reference agent ID MJOLTanyaPhilip on your request.


Please call our HR Manager, Kim at 405-418-6160 and let her know that you are very interested in the remote job position and be sure to complete your online contractor registration application.

Jobseeker Live Chat: https://tawk.to/chat/5bd13d86476c2f239ff5dd42/default

Job Requirements


You will need internet, computer, cellular or landline with an unlimited long-distance calling plan.

Skills or Expertise


- Microsoft Excel or spreadsheet documents

- Copying and pasting data from various web formats

- Utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


- Being very reliable and self-starting is a big plus!

- Highly organized and a team player.

- Pay close attention to details and ask questions if needed.

- Excellent grammar, spelling, punctuation and editing skills.

- Administrative and clerical skills are huge!

- Ability to place outbound phone calls to businesses or jobseekers every week.

Please only submit your application 1 time on our job board. You can send us an email to hr@mommyjobsonline.com let us know of all the other job positions that you are interested in applying for at the current time. Duplicate resume submissions will be deleted. Thank You!

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